Read the 5-Star Reviews about Evergreen Wellness fitness video programs.

Created specifically for 50+ women and men.

I do this 8 minute routine every morning! It is short enough that I will do it, but still gives me a little kick start to my day. I am 64.

Debra | 28-Day Size Down Challenge (Women and Men 50+)

This is a super easy beginners’ DVD. The 8 minute intervals are easy to do. Each exercise can be tailored up or down from beginners to already-fit women.

Melinda | Little Black Dress (Women 50+)

I like everything about this DVD. It’s great cardio, great ab workout, as well as all the other specific exercises. It’s really nice that there are 3 people to watch, so you don’t get bored. I highly recommend this video to both seniors and really anyone wanting a quick workout targeting all body parts.

Diane | Rock the Walk 30-Day Challenge (Women and Men 50+)